To balance your Yin and Yang polarities

This class is designed to support balancing your Yin (feminine) and your Yang (masculine) energies as taught in a classical Hatha yoga class.

When people refer to “yoga” in general -whether it is power yoga, kundalini yoga anusara yoga, etc- this is actually Hatha yoga.

Hatha yoga was introduced in the 15th century in India. The word “Hatha” is Sanskrit, with “ha” meaning SUN, and “tha” meaning MOON. Hatha yoga aims to balance our masculine and feminine polarities, thus balancing mind + body, through the use of physical poses or asanas, breathing techniques or Pranayama, mantra and meditation.

This class will not only support the well-being of your physical and internal landscape (organs and bodily systems) but also your emotional and spiritual well-being.