To ignite Power & Grace with Goddess Durga

This is a vinyasa Yoga class designed to activate your inner fire, your passion and your feminine strength.  “Vinyasa” means “breath-synchronised movement” or “flow”. Put simply, we will move from one pose or asana to the next on inhalation or exhalation. The flow will vary from moderate to fast paced. In this class we will connect with the energies of Goddess Durga for strength, protection, power + grace. The class will start with intention setting for the day and will end with a short relaxation.

Tuesday 6.45 am – 7.45 am

7.45 am – 8 am Meditation to increase your strength, passion and grace. This is an optional extension of the Warrioress Yoga class for those who wish to stay for a 15 minutes guided meditation on Goddess Durga to increase their warrioress qualities.