A 5 week course: – Thursday 29 th October – 26th November

6.45 am – 7.45 am  {online}


Tantric Mantra Sadhana is a deeply enriching practice that is open to all who seek to uplift themselves and those around them. This is a non-religious practice that takes its roots in the vast and  rich methodology of Tantra, Yoga and Mantra originating from Vedic science. Each week we will be invoking an Archetypal energy in the form of a Deity. Each Archetype holds a different energy or frequency that has the power to influence us and our life in the most profound and positive ways.


*About Tantra

Tantra is a process of opening and expanding to life. It involves the full awakening of masculine & feminine energies and their complete integration to experience oneness. It works on so many different levels: energetic, physiological and in every other way in our life. When Tantra is fulfilled, you experience life from the viewpoint of total connectedness and oneness, and you enjoy the play of the masculine and the feminine.


**About Mantra practice

Mantras practice is a deep science of frequency and sound vibrations. Mantras are Sacred words in Sanskrit that hold powerful vibrations that positively influence our energy system, our brain waves, our environment and even our DNA! Mantra practice involves chanting and repeating mantras.

You are chanting mantras to clear duality from your consciousness. It broadens your scope of understanding and wisdom. Wisdom emerges when your mind isn’t full of projection, biases, judgment, insecurities, and unnecessary fear that we tend to get bunched up in. Mantra loosens all of it. You don’t have to have a good feeling when you are chanting; the mantra is doing very deep work in your body, in your psyche.~ ShantiMayi


***About Sādhanā

Sādhanā is a spiritual practice with a particular intention, it usually involves setting up a resolve called a Sankalpa. Your sankalpa will carry a specific Shakti (creative life force) that will be re-energised during our practice.

“The ripples of spiritual practice and prayer touch and influence EVERYTHING and EVERYONE: human hearts and ocean creatures; the stars and the trees; generations behind us and generations to come. We are all creating and being created by each other.” Chameli Ardagha


Course structure:

The course structure involves, sharing about the Archetype of the week an enlivening their qualities and benefits, chanting Oms and chanting sacred chants called stotrams. We also will chant the Bija Mantra of the Deity and we will conclude with a 10 minute meditation followed by closing mantras. When possible we will include a Kirtan ( chanting with music).

Each week, you will receive an email to recap the practice with links and handouts so you can practice again at your leisure during the week.


Weekly Archetypes:

W1- Ganesha

Ganesha, the elephant-headed deity in an important deity in yoga and in Vedic science in general. He rules over the forces of time and dispenses the fruits of karma. He works to destroy all obstacles and is propitiated before any major endeavour. He also helps us gain strength to go through obstacles and learn our lessons. He grants wisdom and skills, the two main qualities needed for any endeavour to succeed.

As we connect with the energy of Ganesh, we find ourselves experiencing more strength, wisdom and skills.


W2- Lakshmi

Lakshmi is the Goddess of Abundance and prosperity. She grants health, wealth, beauty, fertility, happiness, abundance and all the good things of life. She relates primarily to the water element but to some extend to the Earth as well.

As we enliven the energy of Lakshmi, we invoke within ourselves all aspects of abundance, purity of intention and grace.



It is said that Krishna is holds all yogic powers, including all healing energies for our emotional nature. He is the incarnation of Divine love, bliss and higher yoga teachings. Kirshna is connected to the energy of the moon.

Invoking the energy of Krishna in our Sadhana represents creating a magnetic inner and outer field of magnetic energy of Divine love.


W4- Durga

Durga represents the Great Mother in her protective role. She rides a lion and carries weapons of the Gods. She leads an army to destroy all negativity. She rules the universe and directs each soul to its real purpose, awakening the higher intelligence of nature within us. At a deeper level, the fiery Durga represents the awakening of Kundalini controlled by the power of Tapas or self-discipline.

Honouring and calling upon the power of Durga is a transformative experience guiding us toward our inner light, power and purpose.



Shiva is the deity of the universal life force and of the Supreme Being. He represents the light of pure awareness. His energy controls the mind and helps counter emotional and psychological disturbances.

Invoking Shiva connects us with the beautiful and powerful aspect of the masculine energy with us providing stability, presence and a deeply settled mind.


Five-week Course:

Starting Thursday 29 th October finishing :26th November

Time: 6.45 – 7.45 am