A monthly invitation to gather, learn, grow and feel uplifted.

Satsang in Sanskrit means “being in the company of the truth” and refers to a group of like-minded people who engage in a spiritual teaching, dialogue, reading and sharing. Being in Satsang is of great aid on the yogic path. Joining Satsang is uplifting and supports our understanding of life’s principles from a yogic perspective, in turn supporting our practices and our life.

The evening will open with a meditation, followed by teachings and Q&A after which a delicious soup will be served with yummy bread. You will have space to connect with one another during dinner.

The themes will vary each month and will be shared on our public Facebook page, our newsletter and our member’s What’s App group.

Please book ahead to reserve your spot!

1st Friday of the month – 6.30 – 8.30pm