An invitation to move with joy, pleasure and abandoned freedom.

Nandini’s Shakti Yoga Dance is a fun, up-beat, energetic class designed to give you freedom of movement and expression; synergizing creative yoga asanas and free dance, with soothing sounds, funky primal world beat rhythms and uplifting tunes. This class allows us to transcend the traditional boundaries of yoga incorporating flowing movements to take the body, mind and spirit to a new level of experience, connectedness and freedom. Using guided movements in a creative way we will step out of old energetic patterns.

The class will end with an un-winding sequence and a blissful relaxation. All welcome! (open to men, women, children from 12 years old).

Drawing on her background in Dance (Tahitian dance, ballet, African dance and Indian classical), Nandini brings a fresh and innovative energy to the class inspiring a sense of fun and play, and liberation of the Spirit!