To enliven the qualities of the Goddess on and off the mat.

This powerful practice invokes the Goddess energies through the repetition of sacred mantras and chants. This class also includes movements and meditation based on tantric practices to enliven and experience Devi’s Devine qualities within us. Devi refers to the Goddess energy in all her forms.

A mantra is a sacred utterance in Sanskrit, that is imbued with psychological and spiritual powers. Mantra meditation helps to induce an altered state of consciousness. Mantra at its’ heart is an ancient complex Vedic science. “The Vedas are a vast set of spiritual teachings dating from the dawn of history. They consist of the mantras of numerous great Himalayan yogis and seers, who were said to have founded the spiritual paths for humanity at the beginning of this world-age over ten thousand years ago.” David Frawley

This morning practice is open to all (men & women) and will set you up for an amazing day! 

Thursday 7 – 8.15 am – class open to men