To come back to self-love through movements and dance

Dance Your Life is designed to guide you to become more present and be more loving towards yourself and your life.

This session offers a personalized approach in a group of no more than 12 people. The small number allows the facilitator to focus on each participant while also supporting the whole group.

This session will support you in opening up on a deeper level through gentle guided movements and dance. You will have the opportunity to express your life’s journey through dance.

This session will support you in:

– letting go of resistance about life’s challenges

– connecting with your feelings

– building a gentler relationship with your body

– quietening the mind

Participants are also invited to witness and acknowledge others express themselves and be witnessed and acknowledged in return.

Participants will have the opportunity to integrate their experience with creative, reflective writing, drawing and sharing.

This class is open to all – no prior experience needed.