Unlike many people, Ali had never read Yogananda’s Autobiography of a Yogi or done any serious meditative practice when she discovered Kriya Yoga. And like many people in Australia, she wasn’t particularly religious.

Kriya Yoga was recommended to her by a friend and healer and she basically decided to pursue it on gut instinct. Within a few weeks of starting the practice, she felt that she had more energy, vitality and enthusiasm for life than she’d had in years.

After practising Kriya Yoga in Canberra for nearly one year, Ali travelled to India where she made three visits in three months to Siddhanath Forest Ashram so impressed was she with her experience of meeting Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath and his empowerment of her practice into Kriya.

Ali never pictured herself having a guru in India nor following a regular spiritual practice but she highly recommends it for anyone who wants to feel better about themselves, love, life and the universe! Even if they don’t believe in God.

Ali became a teacher in late 2018. She feels it is an absolute privilege to be a practitioner and teacher of Kriya Yoga.

Ali currently teaches and initiates into Kriya Yoga in Canberra.