Instruction on how to book

  • To make a booking and create your account for the first time you need to have access to a computer. (If this is not possible please contact Nandini for help on 0430 988 874). Once your account has been created, you can make all your class reservations and purchase your next pass directly from your smart phone by downloading the Free Zen Planner App .

Here is how to book from a computer and the steps to book from your phone afterwards.

  • Go to Schedule.
  • Sign up (next to the timetable)
  • Choose your preferred option (scroll down)
  • You will be asked some questions, then you will be asked to sign a waiver and finally enter your details.
  • Grab your smart phone and download the Free Zen Planner App. Enter your email and reset password – use the same email you used to initially sign up –
  • Now you can see the daily schedule on your App and reserve your classes with just one click from anywhere at anytime! Easy!

For support with class bookings & registration contact : lourde@shaktiyogatemple.com

Special Offer

Unlimited FOUNDING Membership: $29/week for the first 21 people only!*
Being a founding member means that this price will never increase, even as we add new classes with new teachers!

This membership gives you: 

- unlimited access to all weekly + monthly classes, circles and events

- up to 30% off on workshops and events throughout the year

*no joining fee, no cancellation fee, sign up for 6 months minimum, one month cancellation notice required. 



All memberships include: unlimited access, including access to the Temple space for your own practice (Friday 2-6.30 pm), and up to 30% off workshops + events

Note: If you are a male, your spouse, sister, mother or female friend may join 2 monthly women circles for free on your own pass.

Packages & Passes
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Join our Shakti Yoga Temple Whatsapp community by request.

Please text 0430 988 874 with your full name and email.


For support with class bookings & registration contact : lourde@shaktiyogatemple.com

04 3098 8874


2A Barker St, Griffith Shops, ACT 2606

(located in the InSync Body Mind Life building above the supermarket)


Shakti is that energy that twinkles the stars, swirls the seas, grows plants, beats your heart and enlivens everything in creation.

Shakti is the unstoppable creative potency of life. In other words, Shakti is the creative life force that animates all things.

Shakti is considered as being the essence of the feminine energy while Shiva is considered as being the essence of the masculine energy, often referred to as consciousness.

Shakti is the nature of Shiva or consciousness; it is pure creative intelligence that expresses as the whole dance of creation.